Danie Nell

Danie Nell


Check out my projects below!

Each one represents a unique challenge that I tackled with creativity and passion. I hope they inspire you and spark your imagination.

GarminAPI to SQL

ETL process in which all my key garmin information is pulled from Garmin into Azure SQL and then placed PowerBI over it, to analyze my data.

Python, SQL, PowerBI

Xero Practice Manager (XPM) - rethink

Rethink of Timesheets, Billing Templates, Budget and Forecast for all client in our organisation and multi currency.

Python, SQL, PowerBI, Excel VBA and PowerQuery

Flask CRUD app

Flask Application to do simple Create, Read, Update and Delete on a database.

Python, Flask, Bootstrap, Postgres, Docker

Personal Portfolio Website

Creating a portfolio website using Flask (micro-framework), and making it a template for others.

Python, Flask, Bootstrap, Docker

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