Danie Nell

Danie Nell

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I'm delighted you've navigated to this corner of the internet where I share my interest and passions. This site is a curated showcase of my work, experiences, and the passions that drive me. Dive in and explore at your leisure.

About me

I'm a Finance Controller/ Analyst and Engineer with a unique background. After over a 10years as a Chartered Accountant, I embraced my curiosity and love of tech, drawn by the dynamic challenges and the versatility offered by coding in python. Now in my early 30s, I am busy carving out my career in Automating Finance for clients and improving visibility of their finance data.

Leveraging my expertise in finance alongside my technology knowledge, I assist clients in maximizing their data's potential. From streamlining data pipelines to enhancing data visualization, and designing robust database logic to stand the test of time. I develop solutions that significantly improve finance processes, decision-making and insights on their data.

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